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Health Insurance  from
Major A+ Rated Carriers

 PPO nationwide Medicare Supp  @ only  $34.50 per month!

 Term Life - up to $5 million - non med for $250k down to $50k

Solid Nationwide Plans including:

Short Term plans

Guaranteed Issue Plans - YES!

Small Group Defined Benefit and Hybrid Plans

Critical Illness

Short Term 80/20's

Accident Disability Income Plans

Life - Term

Whole Life and Final Expense

Accident Plans

Cancer Plans



Rx Plans

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                                 "The Only Thing That Is CONSTANT Is CHANGE"

               Obamacare 2017 is on it's way
       And looking worse and worse for SC residents buying Obamacare:  

SC Obamacare is now down to only the poorly accepted BC/BS Blue Essentials Plan and Premiums have jumped up  27% - many will no longer qualify for a "subsidy"

  You will discover you now now make too much to qualify for premium subsidies - so you will be billed FULL BORE for outrageous Premiums and high deductibles many  CANNOT AFFORD!

        If you are NOT on a SUBSIDIZED PLAN - WHAT CAN YOU  DO?!

LET  US  PROTECT  YOU  WITH  ONE  OF  OUR   Nationwide PPO  PRIVATE  CARRIER  HEALTH  INSURANCE  PLANS  -  that is exactly what you do  - TODAY.     Things are CHANGING but we will still be standing - that is certain

Aiken Health Insurance  has  always   specialized in   "Non-Obamacare"  Private  PPO Coverage - so -  if  you  want  solid  NON-Obamacare  Health Insurance  - with a component which COMPLETELY  excludes  you  100% from TAX fine
-  we can  get you covered easily - affordably  and simply - today.

See a testimonial from a HAPPY Aiken Customer:

Sophie Shamblen 

"If anyone is looking for health insurance coverage in Aiken at an affordable price, I would like to share my experience with you.
I cannot thank Lydia DelRossi
and Aiken Health Insurance enough for all they do.
After being hospitalized in June for 7 days with pneumonia and anemia, I started receiving large bills from the hospital.    My bill from Aiken Regional was over $50,000. After some paperwork and a lot of help from Lydia, it was reduced to just over $20,000.     I was freaking out and wondering if my plan would cover it, so I contacted Lydia again and she emailed me back immediately with what I needed to do. I went back to the hospital and got an entire transcript of my medical records.
Three weeks later, I received a check, made out to me, for $26,500. I am now able to pay off the entire hospital bill myself.
This plan has also covered me when I cut my hand and had to go to the ER  ($50 co-pay is all I paid),  and has covered my husband Dave for a pinched nerve     (again $50 co-pay)   and also for Dave's latest visit to Doctors Care for tennis elbow.
I cannot thank Lydia enough for all her efforts, this plan really works and we are proof. The best part is that it, for us, it covers Dave and I for only $380/month!
Sorry to sound like a sales pitch, but I'm just so grateful that I signed up to this policy. It may not work for everyone, but I just wanted to share my experience."
                             We can help you today!  
If you want a Quote NOW - email us at "" with everyone's DOB - any pre-ex conditions you may have - your zip code of  residence and a phone number and I will send you multiple options of  rich - nationwide - NON Obamacare PPO network quotes 
  In 2017  these are your  ONLY  Health  Insurance Options: 

1)      "ACA Obamacare Coverage"    Federally Controlled with Massive Premium Hikes - only 1 option in SC - with a 27% increase in premium -  EPO Network - low acceptance - only for the very ill - pregnant or whose premiums are paid for them by government tax dollars   (a subsidy)

2)    Natiownwide Private Carrier PPO Health Insurance plans - Dept of Insurance approved Health Insurance which has a OPTIONAL "credible coverage" Ministry Supplement available that excludes you from any Tax Fine - as the Health Insurance portion pays your claims per the legal requirements of a Health Insurance Policy   

3)   Do nothing

"Obamacare Is Failing Exactly The Way The Critics Said It Would" 
 Investor's Business Daily    08/04/2016

Aiken Health Insurance Nationwide PPO plans are underwritten by AA+ Major Carriers that give you and your family solid coverage for  "unexpected illnesses and accidents"  with NO expensive "mandates"  you do NOT want  - they are affordable, flexible, rich plans to protect you from unforeseen losses - they have OPTIONAL excess coverage in any area you are most concerned with - excess accident for busy people - excess Cancer and Dread Disease for those who want MORE than the basic coverage - YOU DESIGN YOUR PLAN as YOU want it  - these plans come with  Dr office vists - Lab - ER  - all included and if you  choose to go PRIVATE and want to avoid a possible tax fine in 2018 -  our exclusive Tax Exempt Supplement can be added right onto our Rich Health Insurance coverage EXCLUDING  YOU from a tax fine as it bumps UP CATASTROPHIC coverage!  

These NEW Non-Obamacare plans include coverage options of:
1)     Rich "Defined Benefit" Plans with No Deductible to have to meet ever - coverage exceeds $1 million per person  per year - pays over 3x  "usual and customary" costs
2)     Hybrid plans with immediate "no deductible" coverage of regular outpatient type care and a deductible ONLY for a  "Inpatient Hospitalization" - deductibles options range from $500 - $5000 -  and pays up to $1 million per person per year

3)     11 month Short Term Plans with 50/50 or 80/20 or 75/25 co-insurance BUT - if you get sick within the 11 month time frame they will NOT continue to cover you  - nor could you renew them OR could you then qualify for a different short term plan - so be AWARE of the gaps in these plans -   some agents are pushing them now

4)    100% Guarantee Issue plans - regardless of your past or current health issues

5)    Rich - heavy coverage STM  Defined Benefit plans - OR DB + co-pay +
co-insurance type plans  - which run up to 11 months - giving you huge protection for a lower premium -  plans that can be reissued again as long as you are healthy

These plans
will cover a Type 2 Diabetic - as well as persons on HBP medicine and/or cholesterol Rx as well as other common medications  conditions which are  "Stable"  so ask us if we can  HELP  you.

                                     DID YOU KNOW: 
When you give a medical care provider a Obamacare insurance card you are automatically charged 40% - 60% - up to 80% MORE for that procedure that they "settle" with the insurance company for a fraction of that cost?   

In 2017  YOU  must be a GOOD CONSUMER - Be smarter - be knowledgeable = we have all the tools to help you drop medical bills by the THOUSANDS and be safe with our Private Coverage plans

Need a lab test?
      DO NOT have it done at the Dr's office - go to Direct Labs and ask for the "self pay" rate -  OR go to this site: https//

Need a MRI or PT Scan?   Go to this site - schedule a test for the SAME DAY and only pay from $380 - $860 for a MRI - or $270 - $470 for a CT Scan = which INCLUDES the Board Certified Radiologist's report - state of the art MRI and CT Scan equipment- in over 2800 locations nationwide - one right here in Augusta GA!   WHY PAY THOUSANDS of dollars for the same test?
               "We Care Medical Mall"  -

You can negotiate all your Medical Bill out of pocket costs for any medical
procedure by KNOWING upfront what the "Usual and Customary / Fair Market Value" cost of that procedure really is - the true actual real price the medical provider settles for - not the INFLATED "insurance cost" that they WANT you to pay!     If you know that in advance your out of pocket costs can drop HUNDREDS and sometimes THOUSANDS of dollars!     

Go to this link:     and look up any procedure in any zip code in America.   KNOW the TRUE "fair market value"  CASH self pay rate accepted by the medical provider right there - regardless of what the WANT to charge you.   Why pay more?    Be a SMART Consumer.

Have a problem with OVERWHELMING Medical Bills? 
  Go to this website:  OR

      THEY CAN HELP - that is ALL they do - help people cut bills down

Do NOT let a third party tell YOU what you will pay for YOUR medical care - EMPOWER yourself and only pay the "true market value" of any procedure  - get the LOWEST price and then let me help you get that money REIMBURSED BACK to you....... That is a WIN -  WIN!                                                     

DID YOU KNOW:     You can buy that expensive Rx you need to take at a HUGE discount by going to     If you cannot get a generic equivalent of that Rx - Go to that website now - key in any high dollar drugs you take and see the NEW lower prices online.

More good Rx resources:   - look up anything

            More Insurance Protection Products we offer:

PPO Medicare Supplement Plans  -    We have Nationwide PPO  Medicare Supp Plan G as low as  $96.31  per month - Plan F as low as $121.14  and Plan HDF as low as $34.50 a month!   CALL me FIRST for quotes 

All Medicare plans are run by the government- it is what each carrier  CHARGES  you  for each plan that makes the plans different   

Our  plans  pay  100% of all your medical costs after Part A and Part B have paid what they will -  and our  Medicare Supp Plans are Nationwide accepted  PPO plans - NOT a HMO or have a deductible like so many of the "Advantage" plans!

DO YOU KNOW:    If you  buy a Medicare Advantage Plans and get sick - you can NEVER EVER leave that EXACT plan unless that insurance company completely removes that plan - or leaves the state of SC?      YOU ARE STUCK for LIFE!      Why do you think so many call center agents and "Medicare Advantage Hunters"  hound you to buy Medicare Advantage  from Oct - Dec?   
They get a commission for LIFE - your LIFE!!>>>>>> RUN AWAY>>>>>>>

CONSIDER :     HOME  HEALTH  CARE  Plans to put in place NOW - while you are active and do NOT need it yet - this is NOT Long Term care - this is HOME Health Care to help people STAY in their home and NOT have to go to a nursing home -and it pays IN ADDITION to any coverage you may have - including Medicare!     Believe me - things can change unexpectedly and FAST and Home Health Care is the fastest growing segment of the population - lock in your rates NOW -  example: ages 41 - 45 = $19.00  a month - ages 61 - 64 = $24.40 a month - ages 76 - 80 = $42.60 a month
- pays benefits toward: Home Health Care Aide - Skilled Nursing - Physical Therapy - Respirator Therapy - Medical Social Services - Rx help - Hospice - Annual Physical Exam - Ambulance - Hearing - Vision - Private Duty Nurse - don't wait - buy it now.

       24 Hour - On the Job or Off the Job "Unexpected Accident Event"
Benefits are paid directly to you or to your medical care provider - any Dr any Hospital - anywhere-  $2,000 - $5,000 - $7,500 - $10,000 - $20,000 or $25,000 per event - co-ordinates with other coverage so it WILL cover you if you do NOT have Workman's' Comp and get hurt - but it will NOT "double pay"  if that event is covered - but it WILL pay all of your out of pocket costs! 
UNDERSTAND THIS =  Obamacare will NOT cover you if you get hurt on the job - PERIOD  - EVERYONE needs this excess blanket of coverage

Dental?   Do we have  regular DENTAL & VISION?

Only the BEST - pays up to $3,500 a year and includes 3 free cleanings and 2 free exams a year plus -  NO waiting DENTAL for Major services - dentists all over the CSRA are in the 2 Dental PPO networks they use - LOW monthly rates!

Life Insurance?  Basic Term - Living Benefits Term - Whole Life - Burial Insurance -  and our EXCLUSIVE Guarantee Issue Life  - up to $170k - regardless of your health!   Diabetic?   Heart Attack?   Cancer?   COPD?   NO PROBLEM!     You can get this coverage now.!                                            
We can cover ANYONE
between the ages of 18 - 69 -  you can keep it to age 99 -  all  you need is to be able to prove that you are working at least 20 hours a week when you apply - - even if self employed - low premiums!

    No Health Questions At ALL - none!  100% approved coverage

Low Cost $50k - $5 million - Term Life LIVING Insurance plans:
Life Insurance from  $50k to $5 million  - these plans pay you 50% of the total value UPFRONT if you develop a Critical Illness  (heart attack - stroke - cancer - multi - trauma accident - ALS - and 10 other triggers)   for you to use however you want - medical costs - mortgage - bills - take a trip - whatever you want - with NO premium increases - for LESS than Major Medical costs    (a alternative to Health Insurance for those who do NOT want to buy Health Insurance and ONLY want to have  some type of bill coverage in place IF they developed a Critical Illness such as Cancer - Heart Attack Stroke  or a horrific accident)

CASH TO YOU  Excess Cancer/ Stroke and Heart Attack coverage: 
Pays up to $50,000 Cash to you  for First Diagnosis of any Cancer or Heart issue - add it to a Plan or just have it for the "What if"  to be in place to pay  your mortgage - monthly bills and unexpected "cannot work"  recovery costs if you ever DO get ill - - premiums begin in the $30 per month range! 

  Put your  
HOME HEALTH CARE   Plans to put in place NOW - while you are active and do NOT need it yet -   believe me - things can change FAST and Home Health Care costs keep going up up and up - lock in your rates in

Aiken Health is the CSRA's ONE STOP - ONE CALL Connection

Aiken Health Insurance Co.
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      Ask anyone - THIS card cuts Rx cost to a  fraction!

Plans are Underwritten by Manhattan Life Insurance Company,  Standard Life and Accident, ANTEX, Central United Life Insurance Company,  ASSURANT Supplement, GTL, UnitedHealth, Comprehensive Insurance & Wholesale Benefits Association, CIGNA, Standard Security Life,  New Era Life, Philadelphia American, HCCMIS & LLOYD'S OF LONDON, CIGNA, TIME, ABA, Colonial and C.H.M. enrollment + many more.

Please review your insurance contract for specific details - exclusions and limitations may vary from product to product - each company's policies are subject to change without notice - all products have a 10  - 30 day 100% money back "Free Look" with initial premium 100% refunded if you change your mind within the "free look" period time frame = many have additional benefits included in their "Association" memberships 

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