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What we offer:

  Alternative Non-Obamacare
Health Insurance  from
Major A+ Rated Carriers

 Obamacare Out of Pocket GAP Protection Plans

  6 - 11 Month Guarantee Issue  "Short Term" plan

Solid Nationwide Plans including:

Unlimited PPO Medical Plans

Guaranteed Issue Plans - YES!

Small Group Defined Benefit and Hybrid Plans

Critical Illness

Short Term 80/20's

Accident Disability Income Plans

Life - Term

Whole Life and Final Expense

Accident Plans

Cancer Plans



Rx Plans

Discount Lab
and more!

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                                 "The Only Thing That Is CONSTANT Is CHANGE"

               Obamacare 2016 has come and gone .
And 2017 is looking worse and worse for SC residents buying Obamacare:  


"With insurers struggling to make money and access to plans severely limited, top South Carolina health officials warn the Obamacare health insurance marketplace is on the verge of collapse.

Obamacare was supposed to create a competitive platform for customers to shop for coverage. But in most South Carolina counties, more closely resembles a monopoly dominated by the largest private health insurance company in the state — BlueCross BlueShield"       Courier and Post Columbia SC  July 2016

"Tennessee regulators have approved the full amount of the rate increases requested by the three health insurers still offering exchange plans under ObamaCare, pushing up rates by the biggest amount since the program began three years ago.

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, the state's biggest health insurer, will raise individual rates by 62 percent in 2017, or nearly double the 36 percent rate increase adopted this year by BlueCross."          Chattanooga Times August 23, 2016

United Health is GONE - Coventry is GONE - Humana is GONE - Aetna is GONE - Consumer's Choice is GONE - now in SC you  DO have  a  BC/BS  MONOPOLY!

ONLY  Aiken Health Insurance specializes in "Non-Obamacare" Private Insurance Nationwide Coverage - so -  if you want Health Insurance  
we can help you get covered - with no restrictive  EPO or HMO issues!

            We can help you today!        

Your Upcoming 2017 Health  Insurance Options are these:

1)       "Obamacare Exchange"   Federally Controlled Guaranteed Issue Obamacare  with new 2017 Massive Premium Hikes - only 1 carrier - No options and Poor Acceptance by Drs and Medical Facilities

PRIVATE Carrier  Non - Obamacare  Health Insurance Plans:
Nationwide PPO plans underwritten by AA+ Major Carriers designed to give you and your family solid coverage for  "unexpected illnesses and accidents" to offset medical costs with NO expensive unnecessary  "mandates"  you do NOT want  - they are affordable and are "old school" underwritten plans so  - they will not cover currently treated Major Chronic Illnesses - for that you must buy ACA

These NEW Non-Obamacare plans include coverage options of:
1)    Rich "Defined Benefit" Plans with No deductible to ever have to meet
 2)    Hybrid plans with a combination of immediate coverage with No   Deductible and a separate "Catastrophic Inpatient Hospitalization" component with inpatient deductibles from $100 - $5000 and Low Premiums
 3)    11 month Short Term Plans with 50/50 or 80/20 or 75/25 co-insurance
OR - PERMANENT Coverage Plans with
NO annual Premium increases!
4)    Global - International coverage  that you CAN use in the US!!
5)    100% Guarantee Issue plans - regardless of your past or current health issues (12 month "pre-ex" clause - then after 365 days all is 100% covered)

 NOBODY can afford to pay the NEW huge Obamacare premiums increases and large deductibles of a Obamacare plan   so WE offer you Alternative nationwide PPO Coverage  that WILL protect you from unexpected illnesses and accidents  - YES  you DO have OPTIONS!!   
These plans will cover a Type 2 Diabetic - as well as persons on HBP medicine and/or cholesterol Rx and other common medications so ask us if we can HELP you.

                                     DID YOU KNOW: 
When you give a medical care provider a insurance card you are automatically charged 40% - 60% or MORE for a procedure that they actually settle for with the insurance company true fraction of that cost?   

If you  "self pay" UPFRONT your out of pocket costs can drop HUNDREDS and sometimes THOUSANDS of dollars?   

You can negotiate your Medical Bill out of pocket costs for any medical
procedure by KNOWING what the TRUE "Usual and Customary and  Fair Market Value"  cost of that procedure is - know what the real cost the medical provider settles for - not the INFLATED "insurance cost" that they WANT you to pay!       Go to this link:     and look up any procedure nationwide - in any zip code i America.   Do NOT let a third party decide what YOU will pay for YOUR medical care - EMPOWER yourself and only pay the "true market value" of any procedure -   then get that money REIMBURSED back to you for that LOWER self pay cost!                  

DID YOU KNOW:     You can buy expensive Rx at a HUGE discount by going to     If you cannot get a generic equivalent - Go now - key in any high dollar drugs you take and see the NEW lower prices online.

                              More Insurance Products we offer:

Dental?  Do we have  DENTAL & VISION?
Only the BEST - pays up to $3,500 a year and includes 3 free cleanings and 2 free exams a year plus -  NO waiting DENTAL for Major services - dentists all over the CSRA are in the 2 Dental PPO networks they use - LOW monthly rates!

Guarantee Acceptance Life Insurance  - up to $170k - regardless of your health?   Diabetic?  Heart Attack?  Cancer?   COPD?  NO PROBLEM!     We HAVE this now -   THIS IS HUGE!!!
New TERM Life product - from ages 18 - 69 - then you can keep it to age 99 - all you need is to be working at least 20 hours a week - even if self employed - low premiums!

   No Health Questions At ALL - none!  100% approved coverage

Term Life LIVING Insurance plans:
Life Insurance from  $50k to $5 million  - these plans pay you 50% of the total value UPFRONT if you develop a Critical Illness  (heart attack - stroke - cancer - multi - trauma accident - ALS - and 10 other triggers)  for you to use however you want - medical costs - mortgage - bills - take a trip - whatever you want - with NO premium increases - for LESS than Major Medical

Excess  Accident Benefits:  
Plans that cover so much more than just a "accident" -
 pays benefits from $2,000  per "unexpected event"  up to $25,000  for things as diverse as Horse Falls or  stable accidents-  Adverse Insect Bite reactions - Chocking - Emergency treatment, diagnostic exams, Coma events, Ambulance, blood plasma/Platelets, ambulance, burns, emergency dental,  eye injury, Paralysis, durable medial equipment, follow up treatment, Prosthesis, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Accidental death (up to $100,000) and so much MORE - premiums are in the $17.00 - $45.00 range!

CASH TO YOU  Cancer/ Stroke and Heart Attack excess plans: 
Pays up to $50,000 Cash to you  for First Diagnosis of any Cancer or Heart issue - add it to a Plan or just have it for the "What if"  to be in place to pay  your mortgage - monthly bills and unexpected "cannot work"  recovery costs if you ever DO get ill - - premiums begin in the $30 per month range! 

  We have 
HOME HEALTH CARE Plans to put in place NOW - while you are active and do NOT need it yet -   believe me - things can change FAST and Home Health Care costs keep going up up and up - lock in your rates n

Aiken Health is the CSRA's ONE STOP - ONE CALL Connection

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Plans are Underwritten by Manhattan Life Insurance Company,  Standard Life and Accident, ANTEX, Central United Life Insurance Company,  ASSURANT Supplement, GTL, UnitedHealth, Comprehensive Insurance & Wholesale Benefits Association, CIGNA, Standard Security Life,  New Era Life, Philadelphia American, HCCMIS & LLOYD'S OF LONDON, CIGNA, TIME, ABA, Colonial and C.H.M. enrollment + many more.

Please review your insurance contract for specific details - exclusions and limitations may vary from product to product - each company's policies are subject to change without notice - all products have a 10  - 30 day 100% money back "Free Look" with initial premium 100% refunded if you change your mind within the "free look" period time frame = many have additional benefits included in their "Association" memberships 

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