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  "The Only Thing That Is CONSTANT Is CHANGE"


Aiken Health ANNOUNCES we have been selected to offer a new PRIVATE CARRIER ENROLLMENT EXCHANGE offering a nationwide AA+ carrier who will give you   100% SUBSIDIZED ACA  coverage with NO HMO network requirements!  Nationwide PPO coverage - effective Jan 01, 2015 with enrollment beginning on November 15th.   Hate your current plan?   CALL US TO SWITCH!   Nobody takes your HMO?   Call us to switch!    Hate the Federal Exchange?  Call us to help you!   Enrollment is only 3 months long!

Can you get still Health Insurance right now - today?

            OF COURSE YOU CAN!

NON-Obamacare   CATASTROPHIC COVERAGE plans are sweeping the nation - rich super & affordable  coverage that will absolutely protect you from serious unexpected illness or accident claims RIGHT NOW!   No HMO's - only nationwide PPO coverage EZ enrollment - first dollar coverage - giving you HUGE coverage for the things we worry about at a FRACTION of the Obamacare cost.


If you just lost your old plan - if your COBRA or your Major Med plan just dumped you - we can help you today with PRIVATE  carrier ACA coverage.   Are you looking for affordable coverage NOW without HMO restrictions?   Coverage that is NATIONWIDE?   We have it!
                  We can help you today!

Let us show you the NEW options that are available - All Year LONG!

As  of January 2014  there are only  3  types of  Individual Health  Insurance:

"On Exchange"  Obamacare  coverage applied for on the Federal Exchange thru the IRS.   Enrollment opens on Nov. 15th  Complex process with HMO coverage and spotty coverage - UNLESS you come to us and let US do all the work with our NEW ACA subsidized PPO plan!

2)      "Off  Exchange"   Private Carrier ACA coverage which is issued directly to you thru a Major Med insurance carrier - Only 4 questions to be covered.  It is ACA compliant PRIVATE carrier coverage
Make more than $45,000? 
We have direct coverage carriers.  Our NEWEST  Carrier offers Direct Carrier plans with
HUGE nationwide PPO coverage -  NO HMO's  - no exclusions - no problem!

"No Exchange"  New Health Insurance Strategies which are NOT subject to the Health Bill  - these super rich and affordable PPO plans are offered by  AA+ Major Carriers designed to cover CATASTROPHIC HOSPITALIZATION and many medical claims including Dr office visits, ER,  Rx, wellness, inpatient as well as outpatient surgery,  Lab, diagnostics, ambulatory care services and urgent care - giving you all the coverage you need to offset Medical Claims - and none of the excess "mandates" you do NOT want  - backed by Major Carriers for people who want solid independent and affordable  PPO  coverage for themselves and their families - with NO HMO restrictions and in many cases NO DEDUCTIBLE to have to meet first! 


Aiken Health is a Federally Certified Agent    We have been Certified  by the Federal government to sell "On" the Exchange and know the architecture of ObamaCare inside and out.   We want you to be aware of  ALL the available options on the market today  so you can choose what is best for you.

Have you recently bought a Obamacare policy and now realize you have very NO HMO coverage and HUGE deductibles ?  NOW WHAT?     Simple!   Call us to switch your coverage over to the NEW ACA PPO plan entering the SC market on our 100% subsidized Private Carrier Exchange November 15th!

Aiken Health also has several   "Obamacare Bridge" Deductible and co-insurance GAP plans - for example :  The Patriot Plan that will pay YOU CASH MONEY for any "Obamacare" medical attention  - $5000 to you for a hospital confinement + $150 when admitted + up to $10,000 ICU + $5,000 inpatient surgery and $1000 per day anesthesia  + $250 per day private duty nurse + $250 Urgent care accident outpatient services  4 x per  year + up to $2,000 for each specific injury
- for only $40 per month!   These plans are designed specifically to pay your "out of POCKET" financial exposure and deductibles for you!   See:



1)  We have PRIVATE "ACA" compatible plans direct from the carrier:
No pre-ex exclusions - full bore Major Med - all the bells and whistles mandated in these type plans by the Health Bill - free preventative - maternity - pediatric dental and vision benefits  - Rx coverage - all of it - direct from PRIVATE carriers with HUGE networks covering you in both Aiken and Augusta as well.  NO IRS - no income questions - NO Federal Exchange - no subsides and no problem. Get covered in 24 hours.  Perfect for the self employed or those with pre - ex conditions who need coverage with local Dr's and LOCAL facilities

2)     "No Exchange"  Private  NON-Obamacare  PPO Coverage Plans:
hese plans offer RICH   DEFINED benefits - 365 day CATASTROPHIC hospitalization  - $6,000 per day hospital - $12,000 per day ICU - unlimited inpatient and out patient surgery - post care and physical therapy - Dr office visits  - ER- Lab - x-ray and imaging services - ambulatory facility - Rx card - ambulance services - Burn Benefits + Critical Illness Benefits + Excess Accident and Accidental Death - all built right into the Base + Excess Cancer coverage -  making this the RICHEST plan on the market today - be smart - pay your smaller bills with CASH - get the lowest CASH price the medical field offers - (Try $695.00 cash price for a CAT scan vs $6,400.00 "Obamacare price")  and get that out of pocket REIMBURSED right back into your wallet - with a Catastrophic hospitalization coverage in place for the BIG claims  - also includes the "WellCardSavings" program giving you even MORE - dental, vision Rx, Lab, 24/7 Dr access and includes "medical bill re - negotiations services"

3)     Medicare Supplement and GAP Plans:   GREAT AA+ rated plans positioned to pay your fiscal exposure FOR you - we offer very competitive rates on HDPlan F @ only $27.00 per month  (100% pay plan!)  popular Plan G - Plan N  (co-pay plan)  Call TODAY - Medicare Gap or Medicare Advantage?  Our Medicare GAP PLANS PAY 100% OF YOUR CLAIMS  - Medicare Advantage leaves you with thousands of dollars in out of pocket exposure!  

4)    NEW  "Obamacare Bridge"  Deductible CASH  Plans:
These plans are positioned to pay CASH to you of $5,000 - $7,500 or $10,000 if you were diagnosed with one of 10 Critical Illness "triggers" - one plan also pays you $500 - $750 or $1000 per month for a FULL 12 months after that First Diagnosis - even if you are not disabled -  and has second "re-occurrence" Cash Benefit built in if you get ill again. GREAT for people with the HIGH deductible plans of Obamacare.  Let it pay your deductible and other "out of network" costs for you - especially if your monthly insurance premium is "subsidized" -
Rates begin at   only $7.30  per month  YES  =  ONLY $7.30 PER MONTH!


DID YOU KNOW:       You can negotiate your out of pocket costs for any medical procedure upfront by KNOWING what the "Fair Market Value" (also known as the Usual and Customary) cost of that procedure upfront?

Go to:   and look up any procedure nationwide - do NOT let a third party decide what YOU will pay for anything anymore!    EMPOWER yourself and only pay the "true market value" of any procedure!
      Knowledge  is  POWER

         Other Products Positioned to Save you Money:

Living Benefit "Accelerated Payment" LIFE Insurance plans:
Life Insurance from $50k to $5 million  - these plans pay you 50% of the total value UPFRONT if you develop a Critical Illness  (heart attack - stroke - cancer - multi - trauma accident - ALS - and 12 other triggers)  for you to use however you want - medical costs - mortgage - bills - take a trip - whatever you want - with NO premium increases - for LESS than Major Medical - example - on a $2 million plan YOU will receive $1 MILLION  upfront in cash and the other $1 million remains as a Life plan for your family - if a heart attack costs only $50k  you STILL get the entire 50% - of $1 MILLION paid in cash upfront to YOU!   
NO  PARAMED  CHECK  ON  PLANS  FROM  $50k - $250,000.00!

Excess  Accident Benefits :
   CIGNA covers so much more than just a "accident" - pays benefits up to $25,000  for things as diverse as Adverse Insect Bite reactions - Chocking - Emergency treatment, diagnostic exams, Coma events, Ambulance, blood plasma/Platelets, ambulance, burns, emergency dental,  eye injury, Paralysis, durable medial equipment, follow up treatment, Prosthesis, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Accidental death (up to $100,000) and so much MORE - premiums are in the $17.00 - $45.00 range! 
 Chemo/Radiation and Heart Attack excess plans: 
Pays up to $50,000 Cash to you for First Diagnosis of any Cancer or Heart issue - add it to a Plan or just have it for the "What if" for your mortgage - bill sand recovery - premiums begin in the $30 per month range! $25k - $30k or $40k too

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Plans are Underwritten by Manhattan Life Insurance Company,  Standard Life and Accident, ANTEX, Central United Life Insurance Company,  ASSURANT, GTL, UnitedHealth, Comprehensive Insurance & Wholesale Benefits Association, Standard Security Life,  American Republic, Philadelphia American, HCCMIS & LLOYD'S OF LONDON, CIGNA and many more.

 Please review your insurance contract for specific details - exclusions and limitations may vary from product to product - each company's policies are subject to change without notice - all products have a 10  - 30 day 100% money back "Free Look" with initial premium 100% refunded if you change your mind within the "free look" period time frame = many have additional benefits included in their "Association" memberships 

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