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            LET'S TALK  HEALTH INSURANCE for 2020

       Have Questions?  We have all the ANSWERS!

Obamacare is CLOSED - and you either do not have coverage OR you are paying WAY too much for your current Health or Group Insurance coverage - either way - We CAN Help!

Aiken Health Insurance has been helping people in AIKEN and Aiken County since 2004 - 16 years - we have over 600 happy CSRA  residents as clients and we are the only Brokerage who offers  multiple options of Private Carrier Nationwide PPO  coverage with a built in LOCAL Aiken  ADVOCATE who will help you file your claims and get bills SETTLED!  

It is easy to sell coverage - BUT when illness happens to and you use the Coverage you SELL -like it did to me -  YOU you understand FULLY from the INSIDE what these policies can and cannot do  - which makes us the BEST Local Health Insurance option if you cannot get covered by Group or if your Obamacare premiums are OUTRAGEOUS!    I have had HUGE success with coverage  from one of these Private Carrier PPO policies I represent right here in Aiken and am happy to show you how you can get covered by them as well.


                                     YES - you can have it all!

       We offer coverage you that the other agencies cannot!

             Affordable Nationwide Private Carrier Coverage

*   Products Underwritten by Highly Rated Insurance Companies
*   Millions of customers served by these carriers nationwide
*   Billions of dollars paid - claims settled in  7- 10 days
*   Huge MultiPlan/PHCS PPO nationwide network acceptance 
*   Hospitalization / ER / Diagnostics  
*   ............ A NO Pre Ex Exclusions PPO Rider available...........
*   Free Preventative and $25 Co-Pays on the HUGE First Health PPO network
*   A Suite of services
YOU pick and choose from - DESIGN YOUR OWN Coverage
*   See any Dr anywhere in the US - see any specialist without referral
*   Go to any Hospital 
*   No Deductible to have to meet up front
*   No co-insurance % to have to pay out of pocket
*   Dental and vision available
*   Buy what you need - what you want - in YOUR BUDGET 
  LOCAL Advocate who is here to help you long after the policy is in place! 

                   Who is Aiken Health Insurance ? 

We are a Local Brokerage company who has been helping people here in SC, NC & GA find good affordable Private Carrier PPO Health Insurance since 2004 -we can also help you secure solid Term Life Insurance - MediGap Medicare coverage - Critical Illness CASH coverage - Cancer Coverage - Accident and Disability Income Benefits, Dental & Vision  and much more.    We fit YOUR Budget and YOUR needs!

                                        Aiken  -  803-215 - 7678 

Local Service - Local Residents- Local REVIEWS: 
"If anyone is looking for health insurance coverage in Aiken at an affordable price, I would like to share my experience with you. I cannot thank Lydia DelRossi and Aiken Health Insurance enough for all they do.    
After being hospitalized in June for 7 days with pneumonia and anemia, I started receiving large bills from the hospital.    My bill from Aiken Regional was over $50,000.    

After some paperwork and a lot of help from Lydia, it was reduced to just over $20,000.    
 I was freaking out and wondering if my plan would cover it, so I contacted Lydia again and she emailed me back immediately with what I needed to do.  
 I went back to the hospital and got an entire transcript of my medical records.Three weeks later I received a check for $26,500 - which was enough for me to 100% pay off all my bills from this hospitalization

This plan has also covered me when I cut my hand and had to go to the ER  ($50 co-pay is all I paid),  and has covered my husband Dave for a pinched nerve (again $50 co-pay) and also for Dave's latest visit to Doctors Care for tennis elbow.
I cannot thank Aiken Health Insurance enough for all their  efforts, this plan really works and we are proof.  The best part is that it, for us, it covers Dave and I for only  $380/month.
Sorry to sound like a sales pitch, but I'm just so grateful that I signed up to this policy. It may not work for everyone, but I just wanted to share my experience."

           Would your current insurance company do THAT for you?      NO!

Could you do that for YOURSELF?     NO!    We have powerful products right now. 

How good is this coverage ?  LET ME SHARE MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE:

When the right side of my body suddenly went numb on Sept 13 2019 - I was rushed to Aiken Regional ER - their immediate diagnostic services - a CAT scan - a second CAT scan with contrast - a chest x-ray - a Brain MRI without contrast and a set of 2 final CT scans - one with and one without contrast -  were ALL reduced to ONE single cost of only $496.00!   $496.00 TOTAL for all of them = together !

I also had a "Virtual Access MCG Neurologist" form MCG/AU  immediately diagnose the CAT scans within minutes thru a virtual visit TV screen - who also spoke with me and prescribed the precious drug tPA offered to me from his diagnosis which stopped all the physical damage and  destroyed the blood clot in my brain!    My Private Carrier PPO plan DEEPLY reduced the cost of this Georgia based "MCG/AU virtual Dr and diagnosis"  even though they were in GA - which GREATLY reduced my fiscal responsibility!   Each bill was MASSIVELY reduced by the PPO network down to ONLY my chosen deductible!!   
It is AMAZING coverage.........


It is 100% YOUR Choice - YOU can design your own coverage EVEN if you DO have serious "Currently Treated Pre Existing Conditions "  

Pick your Outpatient Coverage

Level 1  has Free Preventative Testing and Hospitalization / Outpatient Services

Level 2   has Free Preventative Testing, Hospitalization / Outpatient Services and "5" $25 Dr office visits per person - for a Primary care Dr - for a Specialist and for a Urgent care visit and for any Lab / X-Ray or  Blood work type diagnostic test

Level 3   has Free Preventative Testing - and UNLIMITED $25 Dr office co-pays - Unlimited $50 Specialist visit co-pays - unlimited $50  Urgent Care visits - Unlimited $50 copay for outpatient Lab work - $50 copay for outpatient x-rays and pays  50% co-insurance on all outpatient CT / MRI or PET scans-GREAT coverage if you have a current Pre Ex condition

Each Level has a Rx card that covers ACA Rx, has a 20% co-pay on Rx or has multiple levels of Rx coverage 

             This is REAL Coverage for REAL Medical Events!

           What Other Coverage does Aiken Health Offer? 
  • *      Medicare Supplement Plans Plan G pays ALL your OOP 
  • *      Term Life $50k up to $5 million dollars - that pays YOU upfront if you get ill
  • *      Accident - Disability Income and Critical Illness plans
  • *      Final Expense Whole Life Plans 
  • *      NEW 36 month long 80/20 Short Term Plans 
  • *      ER - Urgent Care and Excess Ambulance Plans "  24/7 on or off work
                  Lydia Del Rossi:  803-215-7678
Hear our Nationwide Podcast:

Did you know if you pay cash upfront you will get the LOWER  "Usual and Customary Rate" vs the Insurance  rate for a scheduled procedure?    How do you know what is the usual and customary - Fair Market Value
 Rate?       Go to this website:  

Need a lab test?     DO NOT have it done at the Dr's office - go to Direct Labs all over the CSRA and ask for the "self pay" rate -  OR go to this site to get a quote immediately for Low Cost Lab work   

Need a MRI or CAT Scan  
Call American Health Radiology in Augusta GA to schedule a test  (706) 364-2603 - or go to  - pay only $400 Cash upfront !!!

Expensive Rx?   You can buy that expensive Rx you need to take at a HUGE discount by going to  OR:


Put your Coverage 
Plans to put in place NOW -  while you are healthy and active and do NOT need it yet - believe me - things can change FAST

                         Aiken Health Insurance Co.
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Plans are Underwritten by Manhattan Life Insurance Company,  Standard Life and Accident, ANTEX, American National, Central United Life Insurance Company,  UnitedHealth, GTL, Enrollment 1st / TransAmerica, Comprehensive Insurance & Wholesale Benefits Association, CIGNA, Standard Security Life,  New Era Life, Philadelphia American, HCCMIS & LLOYD'S OF LONDON, TIME, ABA, Colonial and C.H.M. enrollment + many more.Please review your insurance contract for specific details - exclusions and limitations may vary from product to product - each company's policies are subject to change without notice - all products have a 10  - 30 day 100% money back "Free Look" with initial premium 100% refunded if you change your mind within the "free look" period time frame = many have additional benefits included in their "Association" memberships 

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